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  • Brooklyn Made
  • Vegan

Crunchy cornmeal crackers topped with sesame, poppy, garlic, onions, and sea salt. These ultra-crispy crackers are the perfect foundation for smoked salmon and a schmear of cream cheese.

Z Crackers

In 1980, Keith Pollack walked into one of the 4 gourmet stores in NYC with a pizza he made in his home kitchen. They ordered a dozen. He walked outside calmly, then jumped up and down. Keith and his wife and co-founder, Pam, had no “business plan” but we were crazy for good food. Keith delivered these “savory pies” around the city for 25 years, but needed to pivot when to get the products out further than he could deliver. They took their unique crust recipe and used it to make crackers. Still without a business plan, except to make the best crackers they can.


Brooklyn, NY

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