Brooklyn Brittle

Lemon Cranberry Cookie Brittle

  • Brooklyn Made
  • Woman-Owned

Brooklyn Brittle takes its inspiration from founder Joanne Lomanto's Italian grandmother's recipe for "cookie brittle." The name comes from the crumbly texture of these eggless cookies, and the flavors come from her Italian heritage. The Lemon Cranberry Brittle has a light, tart flavor that's hard to put down.

Brooklyn Brittle

As a child in a small Brooklyn kitchen, Joanne learned how to lovingly make “cookie brittle” by hand from her grandmother. The dough was made with just a few core ingredients and without eggs, which gave the cookie a more crumbly, “brittly” texture. Years later, Joanne decided to get creative with her grandmother’s cookie brittle dough and use it as a landscape for more imaginative flavor combinations. She married it with sophisticated elements from the Italian table, like Parmesan cheese, rosemary, espresso, olives, roasted nuts, and fresh fruit, and Brooklyn Brittle was born.


Brooklyn, NY

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