Sol Cacao

Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

  • Fair Trade
  • Vegan

A dark, delicious, single-origin chocolate bar made from fair trade beans sourced from Akesson's Farm, Madagascar. Notes of dark fruit, almonds, and walnuts with a buttery finish. These decadent treats are made by hand by 3 brothers who roast, grind and age the bars in their Bronx chocolate factory.

Cacao, Cane Sugar

Sol Cacao

Sol Cacao is an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer that crafts single origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx. Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel, the Company strives to create the finest quality of chocolate by having a thorough understanding and expertise associated with every step in the chocolate manufacturing process, from growing the cacao pods to the actual crafting of the chocolate bars.


Bronx, NY

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