Brooklyn Delhi

Garlic Achaar

  • Brooklyn Made
  • Vegan
  • Woman-Owned

Achaar is a traditional Indian condiment, made from pickled vegetables and fruits that lend an acidic and salty flavor to accent earthy dals and rice. This is a smooth version, excellent for blending with mayo for sandwiches, dollopped on lentil or meat dishes, or used like a hot sauce in noodle dishes.

Brooklyn Delhi

Since 2009, Chitra has specialized in serving, teaching and writing about Indian home cooking. She travels to India each year to visit family and gain inspiration for her recipes, bringing back home a full suitcase of flavors, most importantly, achaar. After getting her fiancé hooked on the stuff, they realized that the only achaars available for sale in the US were salt-heavy, cooked with unhealthy oils & preservatives and lacked that homemade flavor. Using ingredients found all around her in Brooklyn, Chitra and The Brooklyn Delhi recipe highlights the flavor the vegetables, fruits, and aromatic spices as well as the chilies, so it’s not all about burning off your tongue.


Brooklyn, NY

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