Crown Finish Caves


1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Barnburner is near impossible to miss in the cheese case - it has a stunning bright orange paste and unique block shape! Barnburner is a 2-hour cold smoked cheddar that is made by Grafton Village Cheese Co. in Vermont and is bandaged and covered in lard from Marlow & Daughters in Williamsburg. The result is a cheese that “defies categorization” according to CFC’s website, and we have to agree - you just need to try it for yourself!

Crown Finish Caves

Thirty feet below the street, Crown Finish Caves’ facility was originally designed for fermenting beer. With an average year-round temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the caves also happened to provide the perfect environment for aging cheese! They receive "green cheese", or young cheese that hasn't developed a rind yet, coming from local artisan producers (as well as from one as far away as Italy,) then it is aged to perfection. The main tunnel is almost full and holds a whopping 28,000 pounds of cheese.


Brooklyn, NY

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