1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Ur-Eiche, meaning "Old Oak," is made by 3rd generation cheesemaker Christa Egli at her woman-run creamery, and named after the oak barrels that Christa ages her morge in. It is made using raw cow's milk and unique house cultures and then aged for a minimum of 8 months. The texture is firm yet creamy and the flavor is complex with notes of candied nuts, savory beef broth, and boiled onions.

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Gourmino belongs to the cheesemakers. Their skills lie in the affinage of long ripened cheeses made from raw milk using only the best quality cheeses selected from their own dairies. Their dairies are family businesses that use fresh milk supplied daily by local farmers. The cheesemakers not only care passionately about their craft, they also have the necessary experience spanning years of excellent work and life in cheese.  All their work together embodies the highest representation of Swiss cheesemaking.



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