Spicier Smoke Hot Pepper Sauce

  • Brooklyn Made

Shaquanda's Spicier Smoke has the same great flavor as our original, with a little extra kick and a hit of smoke! It's flavor-forward with 25,000 Scoville Heat Units, swapping hot chili peppers out for habanero peppers.


Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce made its first appearance at Bushwig in 2013 when Simon Leahy the event’s organizer asked Shaquanda to perform. Shaquanda would only do it if she was able to perform using food. Enlisting the graphic design help of long-time collaborator, Dominic Mondavi, the Bushwig blend was created; a hot sauce creation made specifically for Bushwig, a performance of flavor in context to the event. Later that evening, Shaquanda and friends strolled the streets of Bushwick - shopping cart and all - serving sauces to people she had never met. The demand was there, and people raved about the FLAVOR. At that moment Shaquanda decided to turn this performance into a business.

Since then, Shaquanda's has grown to encompass four different sassy, Caribbean-inspired sauces. After being featured twice on the hit show "Hot Ones," the line has sold tens of thousands of bottles of sauce. 


Brooklyn, NY

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