The Greene Grape

Some Like It Hot


Spice things up with this hot—and we mean hot—gift box of our favorite flaming snacks and treats. These run the gamut from a little spark to giving new meaning to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate!

Looking to pair this gift box with wine & spirits? Place a separate order at Greene Grape Wine & Spirits and we can ship them together!
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What's Included

French Broad Street Scorpion Pepper 72% Chocolate 2.1oz
Mike's Hot Honey 1.88oz
Brin's Chili Pepper Jam 7.5oz
Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce 5oz
Shaquanda's Ooohmami Sauce 5oz
Spicy Bjorn Qorn Popcorn 1oz
Route 11 Mama Zuma Chips 2oz
Underground Meats Calabrian 3 way Chili Salami 2oz

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