Underground Meats

Ghost Pepperoni


Dry-cured pepperoni spiked with with ghost peppers–1 million+ on the Scoville scale! Slice and eat if you dare, or add flaming hot 'roni rounds to your next homemade pizza. 

6 oz


Pork, Salt, Wine, Water, Spices, Dextrose, Cayenne Pepper, Sugar, Ghost Chili Powder, Lactic Acid Starter, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate

Underground Meats

The Upper Midwest has a long and vibrant history in the meat processing industry. These traditions, combined with Underground Meat's proximity to the nation’s best pasture-raised and humanely treated heritage pigs and goats is the source of their inspiration and the foundation of their success. They take pride in their craft and traditional, old-world techniques and believe that the care taken for their animals, farmers, environment, and recipes produces better tasting food.


Madison, WI

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