Goffle Road Farm

Free Range Turkey

Weight Range:

Never frozen, always fresh. This is a Nicholas Breed Turkey raised on Amish Farms in Pennsylvania in a free roaming, cage-free environment—without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Each weight range is priced at the minimum weight cost, at $7.99/lb. Once we receive and weigh your turkey, we will adjust your final price accordingly. 

This is an uncooked product.

Goffle Road Farm

Goffle Road Poultry Farm is a generational family farm in New Jersey that takes the freedom of their chickens so seriously, they started partnering with Amish farms in Pennsylvania to give their flock extra space to roam. That’s where Goffle Road birds—like our Thanksgiving turkeys!—start their lives, hatched and raised on a vegetarian diet of corn and soy grown on the same farm. Once they’re ready, they make the trip to Wyckoff, NJ, where they’re processed for butcher counters like ours. We air chill all our birds once in hand, promising crispier skin and a juicier texture once cooked.


Wyckoff, NJ

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