Banana Jam

  • Brooklyn Made
  • Woman-Owned

This Banana Jam is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Jam-packed with ripe bananas and real vanilla bean, it delivers a complex, rich caramelized flavor. Makes a Banana PB&J so delicious, even Elvis would approve!


As an architect, Brins Founder Candice Ross traveled extensively in Asia, Europe , and the Middle East. She found herself tirelessly wandering the spice markets & souks; exploring each culture through its oldest flavors. Quickly, she learned that flavor is how we share home.

Preserving is architecture at its core: the meeting of science, craft, and emotion. With Brins jams, Candice's mission is to marry the highest quality spices & her favorite fruits to build the perfect "space," one balanced with the comfort of home and the excitement of a new experience. BRINS is a Cajun-French word that means “little bit.” This “little bit” is what Ross brought from her From her spicy Louisiana home and the global marketplace to Brooklyn. 


Brooklyn, NY

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