Rosemary Crackers


These handmade crackers get their unique texture from cornmeal and local grains and their savory flavor from sea salt and garden-fresh rosemary. These sturdy Vermont-made crackers are mixed in small batches and "cracked" by hand, so no two are ever alike.


Whitney Lamy began her crackers from within the four walls of her Vermont farmhouse, and scaled her ideas into a splendid line of all-natural, GMO-free crackers, perfect for all sorts of cheese, charcuterie, soups, salads, and beverages. Her crackers are based on an 1800’s cracker recipe, but brought into a more modern era featuring six unique flavor profiles. She first debuted them at the Vermont Farmer’s Market in 2008 and has kept producing them with all-natural ingredients, by hand, in Vermont, ever since.


Castleton, Vermont

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