Tufertschwil Cheese Dairy


1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Pronounced "holler hocker," this standout wheel is certainly a cousin to Appenzeller, yet definitely unique. Challerhocker has a harder washed rind, so it's briny and intense with flavors of cooked leeks, butter, and sweet cream, and an aroma that reminds us of roasted peanuts, caramel and aged meat. Try with a bold red or dessert wine.

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Tufertschwil Cheese Dairy

In 1992, Walter Räss and his wife Annelies Räss-Huser took over Cheese Dairy Tufertschwil from his parents. From the beginning, all milk purveyors from the surrounding area brought their fresh milk semi-daily to the cheese dairy. At a maximum of 60 loaves a day, they were able to spend a great deal of time ensuring high quality cheese, giving special attention and care to each. Come early 2014, they decided to focus completely on the production of Chällerhoker cheese, and since then have produced exclusively Chällerhocker and Tufertschwiler cheese in their dairy.


Lütisburg, Switzerland

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