Cerveza Seca


Slowly dry-cured with bottle-fermented brown ale and hand-harvested fleur de sel. Brooklyn-made Cerveza Seco salami is a distinctive addition to any charcuterie plate or cheese board.

Pork, Salt, Beer, Celery Extract, Cane Sugar, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Natural Pork Casing


Charles Wekselbaum, founder of Charlito’s Cocina, was raised in New York City in a Cuban, Jewish American household. Charlito’s Cocina began in 2011, inspired by a desire to preserve the food preservation tradition of curing, as well as the goal of making high quality cured foods more accessible. Specializing in dry cured salami, their products are simple and made with the best ingredients they can find, with technique that has survived and evolved through generations. They pride themselves on being part of the diverse landscape of American food producers, with their identity rooted in the diversity and melting pot of their hometown- Queens, New York City.


Long Island City, NY

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