Smooth Peanut Butter

  • Vegan

Family-owned Koeze has been handcrafting Cream-Nut peanut butter for over 90 years. With only 2 ingredients–fresh Virginia peanuts and sea salt–this classic peanut butter will elevate your PBJ.


Koeze Company was founded in 1910 by Sibbele Koeze, as a wholesale grocer selling produce, butter, and eggs to small stores around Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has been passed down each generation since. His son, Albertus Koeze, took over the business in 1918 and integrated the peanut butter and roasted nuts we see as a part of Koeze’s today. The next generation took over in the 80’s, with A. Scott and Ruth Koeze, who began making confections and currently, Jeff Koeze, has been working to continue the company traditions since the 1990’s. Koeze has been handcrafting their Cream-Nut for over 90 years now using only fresh Virginia Peanuts and sea salt.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

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