Sour Cherry Spread

  • Vegan

Enjoy the bright, sweet-tart flavor of sour cherries all year-round with this handcrafted Mediterranean jam. Pair with your favorite cheese, spread it on puff pastry, or use it to glaze ham or roasted Brussels sprouts.

Sour Cherry, Pure Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid 


Divina’s promise is simple: to elevate your plate with iconic and innovative ingredients that are crafted with care and tradition. Their ingredients are sourced from the land in which they indigenously grow to provide true flavor and quality. While an olive may not be a “local” food, Divina partners with agricultural communities that embrace the principles of local food movement: food grown and produced within a small radius or land, crops that sustain small, local economies and communities, and sustainable farming practices.


New York, NY

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