Early Bird

Farmhand's Choice Granola

  • Brooklyn Made
  • Woman-Owned

Farmhand's Choice Granola is chock full of oats, pecans, coconut, pumpkin seeds and a kiss of pure maple syrup.

Early Bird

In 2008, Nekisia Davis was managing at Franny’s pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY when she started baking, bagging, and selling her own granola at local markets- Early Bird Foods & Co. was hatched. It didn't take long for both Davis’ products and method to garner fans in high places. Baked-enough-to-taste-like-something granola that is made with olive oil and salt is now the norm on smart breakfast tables because of Early Bird. A decade in and Davis continues to operate a positive, inclusive business wherein compassion is prioritized over greed every day.


Brooklyn, NY

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