El Trigal

18-Month Manchego

1/2 lb
  • Raw Milk
  • Sheep

In the heart of Spain's famed La Mancha region, The Corcuera family produces this very special Manchego using same day milk, which results in an ultra-buttery cheese. Manchego El Trigal is made from pasteurized sheep's milk and has a complex, nutty flavor.

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El Trigal

Corcuera is a cheese factory, whose family origins date back over 70 years. It was founded by Eusebio Corcuera and his wife Julia Sánchez and later taken over by their sons Ramón and Juan Carlos, who maintain the same dedication to the factory as their predecessors. Currently, respecting the same traditional production policy as back then, the other family members pursue the company’s expansion. Thanks to this evolution, they have become a reference point in the Manchego cheese sector in Spain and in the rest of the world. The family produces the cheese in the province of Toledo using same day milk, producing a more buttery Manchego.


Toledo, Spain

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