Cascadia Creamery

Glacier Blue

1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Cascadia Creamery's cheeses are made with raw organic cow's milk in Washington and aged in ancient lava tubes. Glacier Blue is an approachable blue cheese with a luxurious texture and deliciously rich flavor. One bite of this masterpiece will wrap your palate in a blanket of salty savor, sink you into the most comfortable chair, and make it clear why locals have coined this "The Gateway Blue."

Cascadia Creamery

Founders Marci Ebeling and John Shuman came upon the small town of Trout Lake, WA on a long hike in 2005, and discovered a nearly-dead tradition of artisan cheesemaking. This discovery inspired the founding of Cascadia Creamery, following and reviving those traditions—like aging raw milk cheeses in the lava caves of Mt. Adams.



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