Vanilla Blueberry Granola

  • Brooklyn Made

Goody's Vanilla Blueberry soft granola is loaded with sweet dried blueberries and delicately scented with vanilla. It's the perfect -sized snack any time of the day.


Allan Goodstein’s beginnings with granola is simple: he came across a granola recipe in a magazine, and decided to give it a try. He made a few batches and passed it around to friends, family, and coworkers. However, the granola wasn’t yet unique from the rest of the granolas out there, so Allan began innovating to his recipe to produce a chewier granola. With a satisfying, chewy granola, he hit the ground running, getting the product all around Brooklyn. Soon, Goody’s Granola made it onto the shelves and into your homes by way of almost 60 stores.


Brooklyn, NY

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