Hikari Single Origin Ceremonial Matcha


This single-origin Ceremonial Matcha, Hikari, is ground from hand-picked tea leaves of the green tea shrub, grown in the hills of Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. While many matcha products are matcha blends or mixed with green tea, Matchaful’s single-origin matcha is the real deal. The powder is 100% authentic matcha, ground from first-harvest tea leaves grown on a single farm—because you should know where your matcha’s been and the journey it took to get to you.


Matchaful is a female-founded purveyor of premium Japanese matcha and active botanical nutrition. With a focus on quality, they hand-select ingredients to create nutrient dense products with functional health benefits and fresh flavors. Each Matchaful product is crafted with care to benefit overall wellbeing.


New York, NY

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