Route 11

Mama Zuma's Revenge Chips


Route 11's goal was to create a chip hot enough to satisfy most spice fiends without blowing the roofs off the mouths of the general public. Mama Zuma's Revenge is a fiery blend of a habanero mash and their classic barbeque. True to the nature of the habanero, with your first crunch there's a delay that allows you to taste the delicious flavors. But within seconds, the incendiary habanero backdraft will light you up!

Route 11

From the moment they dropped they first batch of chips back in the early days of 1992, all Route 11 really wanted to do was make a great potato chip. They started with a tiny little cooker, a garden rake, a great recipe, a lot of energy, some good ole fashioned grit, a little bit of dauntlessness, with some twenty-something delusion thrown in for good measure. It's been 25+ years now, and their belief still stands: if you make something with high quality ingredients, in a safe and clean environment, with a happy staff, and supportive community, then the results are going to make people happy.


Mt. Jackson, VA

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