New York Shuk

Preserved Lemon Paste

  • Brooklyn Made

NY Shuk's Preserved Lemon Paste is a modern kitchen essential, adding a rich umami note and a deep citrus flavor to your daily cooking from roasted chicken to yogurt dip.

New York Shuk

New York Shuk is an artisanal food company focusing on Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines. As two Israeli-natives living and cooking in New York City, founders Ron and Leetal Arazi's mission is to elevate and share the vibrant traditional foods they grew up eating. The word shuk means "market" in Hebrew, and for Ron and Leetal, the marketplace represents the center of a community - the meeting point where commerce and culture come together. New York Shuk focuses not only on craftsmanship, but on keeping edible heritage alive and evolving.


Brookyln, NY

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