Hombre Farm

Organic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

  • Cow
  • Organic
  • Raw Milk

Sourced from Hombre Farm this gorgeous wedge is Italy's only Parmigiano Reggiano DOP that is both farmstead and USDA organic. This "King of Cheese" is the only one served at the Vatican, and the personal favorite of Italian chef Massimo Bottura. Made from raw organic cow's milk and aged for a minimum of 24 months, this Parmigiano Reggiano Stagionato is perfect for grating, shaving, and best of all - snacking!

Hombre Farm

With his entrepreneurial spirit and with the help of his brothers, Umberto Panini bought the “finca” of his dreams: 30 cows and 30 hectares of land, calling it by his Venezuelan nickname ‘Hombre’. Umberto, obsessed with stickers, volleyball, and Parmesan cheese, built Hombre Farm as a closed cycle organic farm, where everything is grown, created, and developed from within. Not only do the animals live a much more relaxed life, but the organic parmesan shows the fruits of his labor. Of the 500 or so artisan producers only around 4% are organic and one of those is Hombre Modena , now run by Matteo Panini, the son of Umberto.


Modena, Italy

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