Fig & Olive Crisps

  • Certified Kosher

A tangy combination of salty dried kalamata olives and sweet, succulent Californian figs, baked into a tasty, toasty cracker. Top with your favorite cheese, honey or jam. or add sophisticated savor to a cheeseplate.


Lesley Stowe is a Parisian-trained chef, who began her own catering company more than 25 years ago in Vancouver. Frustrated by the lack of specialty foods in the city, she opened lesley stowe fine foods, offering consumers a wide range of world class cheeses, breads, homemade entrées, desserts and hard-to-find grocery items.

For 20 years, Lesley has continuously refined the details to deliver authentic artisanal foods. She bakes everything from scratch with care because she loves making and sharing delicious food that consumers will be just as proud to share with their own family and friends. Lesley's focus on selecting the perfect ingredients is matched by her attention to detail, every step of the way, in creating every crisp.


Vancouver, Canada

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