Sbrinz Alpage 3 Year

1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Made from whole milk from dairies located high up in the Alps, our wheels of Sbrinz were selected and aged for over 3 years (!!) by our good friends at Gourmino. It has a full, crunchy, and crumbly mouthfeel and rich flavors of salted, buttered popcorn with notes of herbs and flowers. Sbrinz is one of the oldest known cheeses—not only is it the cheese that Parmigiano Reggiano was based on, but it is also so important to Swiss culture that it was often used as dowries! This is a truly special and unforgettable cheese!


Gourmino belongs to the cheesemakers. Their skills lie in the affinage of long ripened cheeses made from raw milk using only the best quality cheeses selected from their own dairies. Their dairies are family businesses that use fresh milk supplied daily by local farmers. The cheesemakers not only care passionately about their craft, they also have the necessary experience spanning years of excellent work and life in cheese.  All their work together embodies the highest representation of Swiss cheesemaking.



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