Maple Garlic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

  • Gluten-Free

This 100% grass-fed "steak" jerky is seasoned with maple syrup, garlic, and red pepper. No antibiotics, hormones, or artificial ingredients. Slantshack is a certified B-Corporation.


Determined to snack better and more deliciously, Josh Kace gathered his under-employed friends in his New York City apartment and set out to create the jerky of their dreams. The crew feverishly experimented, crafting award-worthy, unique flavor profiles without the high sugar content and developed a revolutionary, against-the-grain slice that yielded tender, steak-like bites.

Today, SlantShack is recognized as a Certified B Corporation for their commitment to quality and good business practices because they continue to uphold their original standards to do food right--only partnering with family farms who are committed providing 100% grass-fed, free-range, humanely and sustainably raised beef without the use of hormones or anti-biotics.


New York, NY

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