Legally Addictive

Surprise Party

  • Brooklyn Made
  • Woman-Owned

When more is exactly what you want, it's exactly what you'll get. Who cares if it's over the top and maybe what some would call excessive? You're sometimes a little extra and why not? Surprise Party is colorful sweet and salty chocolate and toffee covered crackers topped with sea salt and rainbow sprinkles.

Legally Addictive

After spending over a decade in NYC real estate marketing, Legally Addictive founder Laura Shafferman was suddenly laid off and lost her usual means to earn a living. Fatefully, after making a batch of her favorite childhood cookies for a party, a friend suggested she come sell her amazing “cracker cookies” at a holiday market. After selling out in only a few hours, she knew they were a hit and a new business was born! She spent the next year learning the food business at night and during the day, and eleven months later, a few stores in New York City agreed to carry Legally Addictive, including the flagship location of Dylan’s Candy Bar.


Brookyln, NY

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