Fromagerie Moléson

Vacherin Fribourgeois

1/2 pound
  • Cow
  • Raw Milk

Fromagerie Moleson has revived the time-honored tradition of wrapping Vacherin Fribourgeois in a spruce band, resulting in a stunning cheese with a subtly woodsy flavor. Perfect for melting or even fondue, this raw cow's milk cheese from Switzerland has a dense, creamy paste and a slightly funky, nutty flavor that is not overpowered by the brine-washed rind.

Fromagerie Moléson

Since its creation in 1926, Fromagerie Moléson SA has been committed to highlighting the Friborg terroir and sharing its know-how and continuously improving by reworking and creating exceptional products. Heirs to the cheese-making tradition of the canton of Friborg, they continue to make artisanal production. At Fromagerie Moléson, the cheesemaker's hand still plays its part.



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