A Cheesy Celebration: Fondue For Two, Or Four, Or More

Lots of folks are in a celebratory mood right about now, and we’ve got a celebratory recipe that’s just right for the occasion! Fondue is a classic party food, dating far past its peak popularity in the 70s, and still just as delicious today, provided you have just the right cheese and just the right booze. Fondue may seem like—well, not quite the right choice for the current health climate, to be frank—but our recipe, by way of Gourmino, is on the smaller side! That makes it perfect for your bubble, whether that means two very hungry people or four folks just looking to nosh. 



  1. In a bowl, combine all grated cheeses and cornstarch, and mix until just incorporated. Set aside. 
  2. In a 3 qt sauce pot or fondue pot on medium low heat, bring wine to a barely visible simmer. A food thermometer should read somewhere around 150°F. 
  3. Add garlic to taste—at least 1/4 clove—as well as lemon juice and sea salt. 
  4. Slowly mix cheese and cornstarch mixture into the pot, 2-4 tbsp at a time, giving each addition time to melt before adding more. 
  5. Once the cheese is totally incorporated, it should have a velvety smooth consistency. Adjust consistency with wine to thin or cheese to thicken; reducing the heat can also thicken the mixture. 
  6. Adjust seasoning with salt and Kirsch to taste. 
  7. Transfer to a serving pot over a low candle or sterno heater, or serve directly in pot. Sprinkle ground nutmeg and ground black pepper over mixture before serving. Keep your heat at the lowest possible if serving over candle or sterno; if serving without heat, return mixture to stove over low heat if it becomes cold or too thick. 
  8. Get dipping, and enjoy! 

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