At Greene Grape Provisions, our beer fridge is unlike any other in Brooklyn. You won't find any bigtime breweries here! We carefully select the best of small craft breweries and cideries, with a focus on local makers. 

Local small batch beer at Greene Grape Provisions in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Our beer shelves just might have the fastest turnover in our whole store! A single small-batch brew often sells out in under a week, never to be brewed again, but that's part of the excitement of our beer selection here at Provisions. Small breweries like to make craft beers that pique their own curiosity and ours, which is why we like them, in turn. 

We like to choose breweries and cideries close to home, though we're not immune to the siren song of a really good cider or IPA from a little further-flung. (Looking at you, Aval!) Some of our favorite makers still show their nomadic roots, like Grimm, or make use of abandoned and "ugly" produce, like Abandoned Cider. You won't find uninteresting beer or overly sweet ciders here. 

For those who like a bit of familiarity, though, don't fret! We make sure stand-by breweries like Narrangansett and Evil Twin stay in the rotation, so your fallback favorites are always available. Whether you like a crisp pilsner or a light lager, a tangy sour or a malty stout, you're sure to find a can or bottle that's just right. And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the amazing choices, we get it. We suggest asking our knowledgeable team members about their favorites—or simply reaching out and grabbing the first can you see, because it's that hard to go wrong! 

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