At Greene Grape Provisions, our Brooklyn butcher counter practices whole animal butchery. The farms we choose to work with are chosen based on quality, commitment to sustainable land use, and humane handling practices. That means grass fed beef and lamb, heritage breed pork, and pastured, free-range chickens. 
A butcher hard at work at Greene Grape Provisions in Fort Greene, Brooklyn
From nose to toes, our butchers break down whole animals, doing their best to eliminate waste along the way. That means we get every cut we can, from the finest ribeye steak to flavorful bones, and our butchers are knowledgeable when it comes to getting the most out of every bite. We also make hamburger patties and sausage with our own signature grinds and spice blends! 

When a piece of meat isn't pretty enough to be displayed at our meat counter, our kitchen can incorporate it seamlessly into our low-waste menu—it might just be your new favorite meal at our deli counter! Our butchers also use "ugly" cuts into our house made dog food, nutritionally balanced for your pup's health, as well as dog treats and chews. Trimmed fat gets saved for use in candles and soap, made in-house in small batches with seasonal scents. There's not much we can't find use for, but what we can't use gets picked up for recycling by a partner facility. 

This approach offers several benefits, the most important of which is sustainability. Farmers don’t just raise pork chops and brisket—they raise whole pigs and steers. Using the entire animal creates less food waste and helps us build a more sustainable food system overall. 

We're proud to be your Brooklyn whole animal butcher—stop by our counter today and see what's fresh! 

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