And The Award Goes To... : Award Winning Food

This year’s award season has been as big as any—maybe bigger, considering the challenges at play for the entertainment industry, much like we saw in the food industry. With the Oscars coming up on April 25th, we want to highlight the award winners on our shelves, as well! 

Our Head Cheesemonger, Emilia D’Albero, makes sure our cheese counter is well stocked with the best, whether that means little-known gems or fromage that brings home the gold. She’s picked out three award-winning cheeses for the Provisions red carpet: 

Mini Harbison (2018 American Cheese Society Awards, Best in Show)

Jasper Hill Farm's Harbison now comes in miniature! This soft-ripened cheese with a bloomy rind is a perennial favorite, with a sweet and woodsy flavor deepened by more vegetal notes. At a dainty five ounces, it's practically a no-brainer to add to any cheese board. 

Cornish Kern (2017 World Cheese Awards, Supreme Champion)

This black wax-rinded cow's milk cheese is made by Lynher Dairies, in collaboration with Neal’s Yard Dairy, in England and won the title of Best Cheese in the World in 2017! Based on a Gouda recipe, Cornish Kern (meaning "round" in Cornish) is a crystalline, butterscotchy mouthful, with an almost cotton candy-like flavor. This is a show stopping cheese that is sure to impress!

Lazy Lady Farm (American Cheese Society Awards, various)

It’s hard to choose just one cheese from Lazy Lady Farm, a goat milk dairy based in Westfield, VT—in part because they’re all so good, and in part because we never quite know what we’ll have! While we don’t go for cheeses made by massive industrial farms, Lazy Lady definitely puts the “small” in “small producer.” It’s prime goat cheese season, as well! Bernie might be a rare cow’s milk Lazy Lady cheese, but their Two Red Lines is a perfect crowd-pleasing goat’s milk cheese, with two lines of pimentón adding a pop of smoky flavor. 
Cheeses aren’t the only ones getting their flowers, either! You’ll find a lot of award-winning sweets in our store, like these new goat milk caramels from Table Mountain Farm that both won Good Food Awards this year. There’s established favorites like Fruition’s Hudson Valley Bourbon Dark Milk bar, another Good Food winner, or Goodnow’s Ucayali Peru Dark Chocolate bar, which took home sofi Gold in 2019, as well as many International Chocolate Awards several years running. (Goodnow even swept the entire Dark Chocolate category in the 2020 sofi awards!) 
There are more to name, of course, but like an acceptance speech, we’ve got to wrap it up. Shop all our award-winners here!