Blockbuster Brews: Beers To Watch The Golden Globes By

It’s been a weird 12 months for film, but that didn’t stop folks from producing award-worthy work. With the Golden Globes on February 28th, that work is getting recognized, and we think that deserves a toast. 

Now, here at Provisions, we’ll leave the serious toasting to Wine & Spirits, but we can certainly raise a glass—or a can—of incredible beer. While we can’t match a beer to every nominee, beer buyer Brian Cullen thinks these movie-inspired brews are just right for awards season. 

Mikkeller SD Drinkin In the Sun

This is a brand new non-alcoholic option from the great people at Mikkeller San Diego. A super light and crisp NA wheat beer, this one would go perfectly with Golden Globe nominee Palm Springs. (You’ll need to be alert for this one!)

Grimm Gull Wing Door

Not a recent film, but this beer speaks for itself. A lush double IPA in Grimm's legendary door series, this one would pair perfectly with a certain sci fi classic. 

Hoof Hearted Turbo Water

A chardonnay grape and vanilla hard seltzer, this is the perfect, super light drink to sit down with some crazy action movies. “I was thinking either Pacific Rim, or that new Godzilla movie everyone seems excited about,” Brian said, when asked about crazy action movies. 

Hoof Hearted Rosé Gose

A super light, super crisp gose style ale brewed with hibiscus, pink Himalayan salt, and coriander. This beer pours hot pink, the perfect aesthetic match to one of the most iconic films of the 80s, and the sweet flavor will keep you light on your toes.