Brunching at Home For Parents' Day

Parents’ Day this year falls on Sunday the 26th, and while it’s not quite as well known as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s a day that deserves its flowers. Parents this year, especially outside of New York, have a lot on their shoulders, and definitely deserve a treat right now. Sure, school age children probably won’t be surprising you with a picture-perfect breakfast in bed, but you can get halfway there by making it together! Try this guide for a meal both parents and children can enjoy and be proud of.

The Pancake Breakfast

For the heart of a classic breakfast spread, make it easy with Kodiak Cakes’ buttermilk and honey flapjack mix. All this whole grain blend needs is water, minimizing mess, so long as the kid stirring it together doesn’t spray batter everywhere. Mix in some local, seasonal berries before getting the batter in the pan, then check on the sausages—you are cooking sausages, right?

You’ll probably want to be the one standing at the stove, but that means the kids can put out a spread of, well, spreads! There’s something for everyone: Mike’s Hot Honey, Brins banana jam, Soom chocolate tahini spread, and of course, classic maple syrup from Green Wind Farms. Pile your pancakes high, pour a mug of Café Grumpy coffee for you and a glass of tangerine juice for them, and bask in your Sunday.

The Crunchy Brunch

If a light breakfast is more your style, start with Early Bird’s Farmhand’s Choice granola, then pair with a tart yogurt with lots of body, like Trimona Bulgarian yogurt. A kid with an eye for detail can layer yogurt, granola, mixed fruit, and local honey in glasses to make parfaits. If you’ve got a child you want to trust with a low level cooking job, slice some sweet yellow peaches in half and grill them, then drizzle them with that same local honey. If it’s too hot, those peaches will be a sweet match to this actually-good cottage cheese. Wash it all down with a healthier take on juice, like these by Blueprint. Happy Parents’ Day!