Building The Taco Of Your Dreams

Carnitas. Al Pastor. Barbacoa. These are words that could get just about anyone salivating. National Taco Day is October 4th, and we’ve got everything you need for the best tacos at home! 

There’s some debate about the origin of tacos, but anthropologists point to evidence that the taco dates back to pre-colonialist times, and that makes sense! A taco is a simple pleasure at its core, which is probably the secret to its success as one of the most beloved foods worldwide. From the humblest taquito de sal to tacos so elaborate you can barely see the tortilla beneath, it all comes down to the best ingredients, and that’s our cue. 

There’s no taco without the right tortilla. You can choose from Tortilleria Nixtamal, Vista Hermosa, or even Stacey’s Organic tortillas. Tortilleria Nixtamal hails from Queens, using organic, non-GMO corn from Illinois to grind into their masa. When their tortillas are delivered to our store, they’re so fresh they’re still warm, and you can smell them through the bag! Vista Hermosa’s tortilleria operates in the back of every Tacombi restaurant, where their fresh tortillas are part of every taco on the menu, and you can read more about their origins in this Q&A here! Their corn tortillas are smaller than Nixtamal’s, while their flour tortillas are larger, and are made with organic avocado oil for a vegan tortilla that still stands up to plenty of filling. If you’re really more in the mood for a burrito or quesadilla, Stacey’s Organic flour tortillas are a whopping 8” across, certified USDA organic and completely GMO-free. 

As for what goes inside, that’s up to you! Our butcher counter has countless great choices, whether you’re picking up our house made sausage, a flank steak, rainbow trout to fry up, or even some of our air-chilled chicken. (Head Butcher Lena still recommends trying boeuf cuit for tacos, and frankly, so does the editor.) Maybe you’re looking for a less meat-forward option, like Blackbird Foods Seitan, or even just perusing our produce section. You can sauce everything up with tasty salsas like these from Jalapa Jar, Xilli, or La Fundidora, then finish it off with a sprinkle of cotija, as well as our house made guacamole

What’s in your taco? Tag us on Instagram and show us your taco creations!