Counting Olive The Ways To Use Olive Oil

In the world of cooking oils, there’s never been a wider range, from your standard canola oil to more intriguing walnut oil, but it’s olive oil that we reach for time and again. It’s not just the health benefits, like antioxidants and healthy fats, that makes olive oil so favored in so many kitchens. It’s the rich yet clean flavor a good olive oil can impart, whether subtly when sautéeing vegetables or bringing out the deep umami in other foods. It’s why we’re so proud to present the latest addition to the Provisions Pantry family—Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Chilean 2019 harvest, with a unique blend of olives that makes for an herbaceous flavor, with a satisfyingly peppery finish. We think this is an excellent all around oil, perfectly suited to quick sautées and easy dressings; if that’s all you wanted to do with it, you would be perfectly valid in your choice! But to celebrate its introduction to our shelves, we thought we’d suggest a few other ideas to put this olive oil to its best use. 

Confit is a time-consuming process, but the rewards can’t be denied. Transforming tougher pieces of meat into a delectable, fall-off-the-bone delicacy that keeps for much longer is worth it. The oil or fat becomes infused with flavor from the meat, all the better for cooking with. Duck leg confit with duck fat is most traditional choice, but rabbit legs are just as viable—and olive oil is favored by many chefs for confit for the bright acidity the oil brings, especially a high quality oil like ours. 

Olive oil ice cream might sound like something a Chopped contestant pulls together in the final round, but trust us—this is the real deal. The olive oil makes the ice cream, well, creamier, which also makes it more scoopable, but it’s also worth it for the complex flavors at play. Instead of one sugary note, you get herby, grassy, peppery, and fruity all come to the party, enhancing the sweetness of the ice cream without drowning it out. If that sounds like more work than you want to put in, you can still enjoy a scoop of a simpler flavor like vanilla or strawberry ice cream with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt

Cake and brownies are probably the easiest items on this list! Olive oil and chocolate are actually a heavenly flavor match, each setting the other off in rich, savory ways, without becoming heavy. Replace vegetable oil in cake and brownie recipes with olive oil for soft cakes and fudgy brownies that feel more like a grown up treat and less like an incoming cavity. 

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