Don't You Forget About M(om): Last Minute Mother's Day Gifting

Mother’s Day is this weekend! We repeat, this weekend is Mother’s Day! While it may be too late to throw gifts in the mail (unless Mom’s okay with that—she raised a busy person, after all!), it’s not too late to pick up gifts for Brooklyn mamas. Get our One Hot Mama gift box delivered anywhere in our local delivery range; if Mom’s just outside that range, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do! For the mother who likes a little more mixing and matching, though, that’s where our Mother’s Day Collection comes in, and we’re highlighting some of our favorites. 


For Mother’s Day—and for the spring season in general—Goodio has two new chocolate bars to try, and they’ve packaged them up in this attractive gift box. Each box has two Lemon 49% and two Fennel 49% bars, made with Goodio’s signature stone-ground chocolate, minimally processed and sweetened with coconut palm sugar. It sounds like the kind of “good for you” chocolate that sounds more like a health food than a sweet treat, but don’t be fooled—Goodio hits it out of the park. This is the smoothest stone-ground chocolate we’ve ever tried, with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the natural flavors of cacao. Thanks to the way they process their organic, non-GMO raw cacao, you get all the much-touted nutritional benefits of cacao with all the deliciousness of chocolate. Win-win! We suggest rounding out this gift with Goodio’s Strawberry 49% and Raspberry 49% bars. 


Every gifting holiday, we’re happy to trot out Mayana’s 9-piece and 4-piece truffle boxes. This Mother’s Day is no different in that regard! Mayana is one of our favorite chocolatiers, the masterminds behind those decadent candy bars that call your name as you wait to be rung up on a busy weekend at Provisions. Their signature hand-painted truffles are a little more delicate, with filling flavors like Earl Grey tea, rum caramel, and Mayan spice. Whether you choose the 9-piece or 4-piece box depends on the size of your recipient’s sweet tooth, but we think she’ll like it either way. 

W&P's Porter Collection

W&P’s beautiful Porter Collection might be as much a gift for yourself as it is for Mom. With the weather finally in full Spring swing, picnicking is the thing. (Was that too much rhyming? We’re not apologizing.) Choose from either blush pink or charcoal grey, then dive into our Pack a Picnic Collection to make sure you have all the goods. 

The Caramel Brigade

We couldn’t choose which caramel we wanted to highlight, so we just opted not to choose at all! Newest to the caramel family at Provisions, Table Mountain Farm in Colorado makes perfectly silky, drizzle-friendly caramel using milk from their own goat herd, organic cane sugar, and other fair trade ingredients. You could* choose from Vanilla Bean or Salted Dark Chocolate, but the jars just look so good together, why separate them? On the other end of the caramel spectrum, Fruition’s Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels are an enduring classic, made in upstate NY with local Hudson Baby Bourbon and coated in Fruition’s 68% Hispaniola dark chocolate. Both are Good Food Awards winners, with Table Mountain Farm’s win being as recent as this year, so you know you can’t go wrong. Big Picture Farm’s goat milk caramels—hitting that perfect middle ground between chewy and melt-in-your-mouth soft—are award winners, too, taking home sofi™ gold twice! We particularly recommend their tangy Raspberry Rhubarb caramels

And don't forget the rest of our Mother's Day Collection!