Hop To It: Easter Feasting Sweet & Savory

Look, let’s not even talk about what we were doing last Easter. Easter 2020? We don’t know her. What we do know is that things are looking up, Easter is but a few weeks away—Passover starts next week!—and the weather might even pick up enough for a little holiday grilling, if we’re lucky. 

This year, we’re making it easier than ever to pull together an Easter basket that would make the Easter Bunny jealous. Not just because we’ve sourced the best Easter goodies around, either—though that certainly helps! The flavors of spring are all wrapped up with a bow with our new Spring collection of gift baskets, including our Easter Basket full of Easter treats and fun. And yes, you can get those shipped nationwide!

If you like to choose your own gifting adventure, though, we’ve got plenty for you to consider. Chocolate rabbits are the most classic choice, so we got this Dark Chocolate Bunny from Dick Taylor, blending their Brazil and Tanzania cacao for a bright and delicious take on the Easter Bunny himself. For the odd bird, chocolate chickens might be more their speed—so we got these from Pump Street, in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even a vegan oat milk chocolate

Pump Street also supplied us with their Grenada Hot Cross Buns Bar, a tribute to their own bakery's buns made with Grenada 58% cacao, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and currants. There's also their Single Origin Dark Chocolate Eggs, made with either Grenada 70% or Jamaica 75% cacao. Straight chocolate eggs might be too simple for some, though, so for that there’s Mayana's Salted Caramel Easter Eggs, painted cheery colors and filled with Mayana’s slow-cooked caramel. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t have something for folks less inclined toward chocolate; this Easter Carrot Lollipop and these Easter Bear Gummies from Hammond’s are just the ticket. 

Easter egg hunts are all well and good, but for the past few years we’ve been into Cascarones, a more high-octane Easter activity if ever there was one! They’re a Mexican tradition for all kinds of celebrations, but they’re popular around Easter. These are real eggs—carefully cleaned out, painted, filled with paper confetti (no plastic here!) and resealed with tissue tape. The name of the game is to run up on friends and family with a Cascarón in hand, and smack that sucker open on their head! But hey, it’s 2021, and that might be a little too close for comfort, so test your aim and see how many friends you can nail from six feet away. After last year, we could all use something to smash, so it might as well be fun and brightly colored. 

Forgetting something amid all the snacks and games? It’s got to be the main course, of course! Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, there’s a cut of meat at our butcher counter meant to be the star of your holiday table. Pair your Passover brisket with classic horseradish, only better, because it’s made fresh in the Hudson Valley. As for lamb, we’ve got a variety of top-notch cuts, though we’re betting you’ll want leg of lamb. (Don’t worry, you can still choose between bone-in and boneless.) Want to be sure you’ll get the lamb—or ham—when Easter is closer? Shoot us a message and we'll make certain there's enough for everyone!