What's Your Pour-oscope? Virgo Season


Virgo season kicked off Sunday, August 22nd, fostering a laser-sharp cosmic shift as the sun shifted from fiery Leo into logical, practical Virgo. With Sol, Mars, and Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) shifting at once, now is the time to get organized and start making moves to turn those dreamy plans into reality. There is a sense of (restrained) excitement in the air as you get pumped for the hardworking, transformative energy of Virgo. Don’t fear the hustle this month! We’ve got you covered, with a collection of star sign-inspired bottles to help you work hard and play harder. Check them out below, along with our new Virgo Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you vibin’ all month long.


Happy birthday valiant Virgo! You are on a roll this month! All the decisions and plans you’ve been stressing over while the world went into cosmic party mode are suddenly so easy and manageable. The things that really matter in relationships, jobs and your personal life are suddenly revealing themselves to you so clearly. The words you’ve been searching for to end an old relationship (or start a new one) just form effortlessly and eloquently. The big pitch at work that was eluding you just wrote itself. In essence, your goals are all more than achievable right now and you’re very much on top of your game. You’re feeling more ‘seen’ by your friends and peers, which is a huge bonus for you. As the zodiac’s resident perfectionist, you can often get down on yourself for not being the best or saying something the best possible way. This can be isolating and make you not want to try to express yourself at all, but right now you’re seeing just how charismatic and loveable you truly are. Shine on Virgo, and never deny your inner glow, nothing would ever get done without you reining in the rest of the signs.


Hang in there Libra, whenever there’s a big cosmic to-do in the sign before yours (Oh, hey Virgo), it activates your 12th house which governs loneliness, isolation, and the ending of eras. You’re really trying, but you’re not getting the recognition you feel you deserve. Like many others in the zodiac the no-nonsense energy of Virgo is kinda crushing your vibe. Don’t get too discouraged, it’s not all doom and gloom. You’re just trying to fix an emotional problem with a practical solution. Instead of spinning your wheels for external motivators, this season asks you to turn inwards and work on yourself, something you struggle with. This month, you have permission to love yourself and get down in there to clear out the baggage so you can rise up and kick ass for Libra season.


Despite your reputation as a moody loner, there are few things more important to you than your inner circle. You avoid superficiality like the plague, but when you find your people, you’re with them for life. Virgo and Scorpio are actually compatible. It helps you to understand and welcome the support and strength of that inner circle. It also helps curb some of the more intense mood swings you’re so famous for. While not the best time to jump into romantic entanglements, this transition is all about adding to that ring of connections.


With Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, you're feeling the most pressure right now. Not all pressure is bad though, there is an unbelievable amount of power lurking in this transition for you. You just need to reach out and grab it. Even though deadlines, due dates, and all-nighters stress you out, you’re at a point in your life where the work you're doing actually matters. Big projects for work, self-led creative projects and/or school preparations are all pushing you center stage. This is a sink-or-swim time for you, and you need to do everything in your power to put your best foot forward. Believe and invest in yourself and your natural talents, we’re all rooting for you, Sagittarius!


You had a rough go of it the past few months, but you’re finally ready to come out of your introspective cocoon and emerge a brand new Capricorn! Whether it’s binging true crime docu-series, signing up for that cooking class you had your eye on, or embarking on new (safe!) travels, you’re ready for adventure. Everything you embark on will feel especially enriching and exciting during this season of change, so long as you show up with a great attitude and a willingness to work for what you want, you’ll be living life to the fullest.


Virgo’s influence is activating your chart’s 8th house which governs sex and bills, which means that catching a feeling for someone or something is almost guaranteed in Virgo season. Saturn and Venus are in the same sign this month, giving you a major confidence this month, but be warned—buckle up and get ready for some tough questions. There’s a great deal of emphasis on your own ability to manifest the future you want. Is a steamy fling going to empower you or leave you heartbroken? Are you going to manifest that raise you’ve been waiting on, or is that credit card you forgot about just racking up late fees? Hard life lessons are difficult to wrap your head around right now, as your emotional center turns towards love and intimacy, but this transition is about going deeper and doing the work that will yield positive change.


Like Aquarius, your partnership and romance sectors are on fire this month. Leo season has emboldened you to make changes in your life and Virgo is doubling down on that intensity. Mercury in Virgo is in direct opposition to your sign, making communication slippery, if not quite treacherous this month. Don’t sleep on the details this month. You're paying extra attention to romance as while Virgo lights up your 7th house. This sharp focus may not always be fun, but it’s a necessary push for you to evaluate what’s working in your life and what is not. It’s a boost of tough-love that is going to help you get where you need to go whether it be ending something old, mending something that's broken or starting something new.


The jump from 24/7 party time during Leo season to exacting Virgo might have you shook, but honestly, you love a good hustle. You like to be pushed to excel, and Virgo brings a sort of Minerva McGonagall no-nonsense energy that butts up against your free-flowing spirit at times, even if it’s what’s best for you. You have a natural work ethos that really shines through in Virgo season, but if you feel like the pressure is getting to you just remember to slow down a little. Maintenance tasks like going to bed early (ish), and meal prep can seem boring, but prioritizing healthy habits will set the stage for you to be your most badass self in the weeks and months ahead.


Taurus, you are in your element this season, literally. Virgo and Taurus are like-minded earth signs that are vibe extra hard during this season. This influence extends to much more than just romantic attachments, it also highlights your passions and helps you clearly define your goals. This is a great time for business, networking, rebranding and revamping. Don’t get too mired down in how things were done in the past. If something isn’t serving you, it's gotta go. Creativity is abundant for you this time of year. It may be Virgo’s time in the spotlight, but you are shining brighter than ever, Taurus.


You might be thinking that you were just SO busy, why can’t you catch a break? But Virgo energy has a different flavor than Leo energy. Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Virgo, which grounds you and peppers you with much-needed patience. You’ll find yourself wanting to put more energy into your home, friends, and family. You’re still your sociable, lovely self just with all that energy being put towards home and loved ones. That leaky faucet? You’re finally on it. Organizing and hosting a movie night with your roomies and bffs? You’ve already sent out the e-vite. Just don’t forget to get some R & R while you’re busy being everyone’s favorite friend.


Mercury controls communication and happens to be in Virgo right now, which means you can expect to be booked and busy this season. Despite all the phone calls, emails, zoom meetings and DM’s you’re having a pretty good time. The struggles of early summer behind you, you’ve got a better handle on your head and your heart so you can burst back on to the scene, making boss moves left, right and center. You’re not afraid of a little elbow grease and throwing yourself into your craft is exactly what you need to flourish. Just be careful of those unrealistic expectations you tend to set for yourself. It’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of a busy calendar, but you’re a sensitive creature and need to check in with yourself every now and again.


Having just blown your savings going all out for Leo season this transition is all about career and finances for you. The meticulous, industrious Virgo vibes are calling to you. Some people think you’re no work and all play, but you know when it’s time to kick productivity into high gear. You just like the work to be on your terms, that’s all. Tired of that soul-crushing office job? Virgo season is going to compel you to quit and start that career you’ve always wanted. Ultimately this energy is going to either further you down the path you're on or help you bravely carve a new one. So go boldly forward, Leo, you’ve got passion to spare!|