(Soup)er Bowl Sippers

There’s a scrimmage between Staten Island Chuck & this week's snowpocalypse—Chuck says spring’s coming early, but the two-foot snowbanks lining our streets say otherwise. Either way, there’s plenty of cold weather left to go—and plenty of comfort food left to eat—before we hit winter’s end zone, and when it comes to comfort, there's nothing more soul-rejuvenating than a piping hot bowl of soup. But can you have your soup and drink wine, too? Traditionally, soup has been considered a little scary when it comes to wine pairing, but all you need is a game plan to keep things split pea-sy. Welcome to the (Soup)er Bowl.

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Pho & Sparkling Rosé

Pho is an umami flavor bomb—spicy, savory, and supremely filling. What could stand up to such a bowl? Dry sparkling rose is the perfect partner to the dish that has everything. Delicate red fruit, and the hints of cardamom, star anise, and toasted almond skin complement the intense aromatics of this rich soup without overwhelming it. Bubbles and acidity add a splash of texture and freshness, cleaning the palate with each sip in preparation for every explosive mouthful of classic pho. Trust us, this pairing is nothing short of magical.

Try: Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Rosé Brut NV

Chili Con Carne & Rioja

Hearty, heartwarming, and full of zesty goodness, you’re going to need a wine with a little meat on her bones to stand up to the intensity of this powerhouse meal. Tempranillo was made for pairings like this. Rioja with a bit of age offers a killer combination of body and earthy notes of dark fruit, smoke, baking spices and leather to really elevate the dish. 

Try: Vina Alberdi Rioja Reserva 2015

New England Clam Chowder & Muscadet 

Well, Tom Brady may have left New England, but that’s no reason to leave creamy, classic “chowda” behind! Opt for the lean, mineral-driven classic that is Muscadet. This dreamy combo is fresh, bright and a study in complimentary flavor. Made from grapes grown near the Atlantic coast, the fresh saline quality of the wine and its bright acidity will add lift to the silkly, full-bodied base of the clam chowder. Don’t be afraid to load up on oyster crackers, as the the extra crunch and salty kick are only going to enhance this duo.

Try: Bonnet-Huteau “Les Bonnets” Muscadet 2019

Split Pea Soup & Off-Dry Riesling

Whether you like it light and silky or loaded with smoked ham and thick as fog, split pea soup is a (soup)er bowl classic. Riesling with just a hint of residual sugar is the ultimate touchdown as far as wine pairings go. Notes of honeycomb and tart nectarine in Rieslings do wonders for ham, while the wine’s slate-y, stony mineral backbone lifts and accents the pea flavor. 

Try: Materne and Schmitt “Wunschkind” Riesling 2017