Wake Up And Smell The Small-Batch Coffee

From the most perfectly artisanal pot of freshly ground coffee to a watery airport brew in a paper cup, there is nothing America likes more than coffee. We drink it hot or cold, infuse it into desserts, and even use for in savory dishes like chili and brisket. Moreover, New York is ranked as the number one best city for coffee lovers in the country, and that’s no surprise, given how many amazing roasters make their home here! With National Coffee Day on September 29th, we thought there was no better time to celebrate some of the Brooklyn-born roasters that grace our shelves at Provisions. 

Cafe Grumpy

While we all miss getting delicious coffee and other caffeinated concoctions at Annex, we can still have the beans that made it all possible! Cafe Grumpy boasts a bevy of certifications and memberships, like being a certified Women Owned Business Enterprise, and being part of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. They’ve been roasting their ethically sourced beans in-house since 2009, and work directly with their growers at origin for the best product. Their efforts have paid off, and you can taste it in every sip! 

City of Saints 

City of Saints might be the youngest roasting company on our list, but they put as much effort into carefully sourced and roasted coffee beans. They work hand in hand with sourcing partners like the Genuine Origin Coffee Project and Crop to Cup to make sure their coffee comes from growers that are supported at every step. City of Saints themselves work across Hoboken, Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a mission to make coffee that excites them; they hope it excites you, too! 

Partners Coffee 

Partners Coffee strives to live up to their name! They recognize their responsibility in helping build a sustainable supply chain, as well as growers’ rights to financial growth and increased quality of life. Growing partners are respected as just that—partners in a business, as well as stewards of the land. Moreover, Partners makes a point of not using one-time use consumables whenever they can, and the nutrient-rich chaff separated from the coffee during roasting is donated to local farms for fertilizer, among their many eco-forward endeavors. All of this comes together for a truly special—and wildly delicious—cup of coffee. 

Parlor Coffee 

Famous for their roots selling espresso from the back of a Williamsburg barbershop, Parlor Coffee has grown to be more than just that. They pride themselves on carefully sourced single origin beans, which they roast just as carefully, in small batches with the roaster on display in their location right by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Parlor opens their roastery doors to the public once a week, every Sunday. Though the pandemic has limited things like tastings, where one of their experts leads you through the varied flavors of each of their coffees, their outdoor canteen means anyone seeking some of the freshest coffee in Brooklyn can enjoy a cup. 

Oslo Coffee Roasters

Last but certainly not least—Oslo. We’ve got a lot to say about the coffee we’ve carried since we first opened our doors at Provisions, but Oslo themselves have even more than that! Get the scoop with our Q&A here.