We're Back!

With tons of necessary construction completed, we were thrilled to be able to surprise Fort Greene this past Thursday, December 15th, with a soft reopen of Greene Grape Provisions! We'll be operating 10am to 7pm through Sunday the 18th, then returning to business as usual—literally—with our normal 8am to 9pm hours. (Stand by for holiday hours.) 

So what happened? 

Suffice to say, our engineers and construction crew had to do more than superficial repairs to get the building back up to snuff. For a while there, the entire back wall of the top floors had to be completely removed, which we're sure folks on Lafayette Ave behind us got a good view of. We brought in all sorts of improvements, with the most important of all being steel beams, and in our (unprofessional) opinion, the building is better than when it was new. After all, like a lot of buildings in New York, 767 Fulton St is roughly 100 years old! 

Construction workers bring steel beams into Greene Grape Provisions in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

While the building was being taken apart and put back together, we did some overhauling of our own. You'll see a lot of old favorites on the shelf, but we hope you'll like the new options we've brought in as well! We're being as careful as we can in these early days, which means popular options like catering, gift boxes, and local delivery remain on hold, but we have every intention of bringing them back. We've got plans for new exciting offers, too—stay tuned for those, because we're pretty sure they'll be just as popular.  

Thank you, Fort Greene, for welcoming us back so warmly! There's no better feeling for us than being back to serving our community.