Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

September might be National Chicken Month, but for us, it’s every day of every month! Chicken is the most consumed meat in the whole country, at nearly twice the rate of beef, and we all say everything tastes like chicken. It’s the alpha and omega protein, but some chicken is just better than others. That’s where we come in, with chicken sourced locally and ethically for unbeatable flavor and juiciness. 

Our standby has always been Goffle Road Poultry Farm, a generational family farm in New Jersey that takes the freedom of their chickens so seriously, they started partnering with Amish farms in Pennsylvania to give their flock extra space to roam. That’s where Goffle Road chickens—and our Thanksgiving turkeys, too!—start their lives, hatched and raised on a vegetarian diet of corn and soy grown on the same farm. Once they’re ready, they make the trip to Wyckoff, NJ, where they’re processed for butcher counters like ours. We air chill all our chickens once in hand, promising crispier skin and a juicier texture once cooked. 

We also use Goffle Road hens for all our prepared foods, including our prized rotisserie chickens! That means you don't have to go to all the trouble of cooking at home to enjoy the delicious taste of this high-quality chicken. Find it in our grilled chicken breasts and even our pulled chicken salad for an easy and delicious part of any meal.  

But what about that new hen on the block, you ask? Our chickens from Greenane Farms are a bit more expensive than Goffle Road, which might seem confusing when Goffle chickens are already such high quality. It comes down to diet, as do many things in life—while Goffle hens are vegetarians fed local corn and soy, the Greenane flock is decidedly omnivorous, eating mealworms and goat dairy whey, along with alfalfa sprouts and other grains they find delicious as they rove the pastures of upstate New York, doing their own hunting and grazing. 

Both chickens are amazing picks—Greenane hens just have that extra complexity of flavor that make them worth their price tag. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied!

Want to try your hand at making one of our delicious rotisserie chickens, now that you’ve chosen your bird? Now you can! We’ve bottled up our signature All-American Spice Rub, and with ingredients like brown sugar for a little bit of sweet and cayenne for a little bit of heat, this rub isn't just for chicken; your steaks and roasts are about to level up, too.