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Holiday Exclusives Cheese Platter


This platter is sure to impress even the pickiest cheese aficionado! Each cheese on this platter was hand-selected by our Head Cheesemonger because of its rarity and seasonal exclusivity—you can only get these cheeses a few weeks out of the year! What better way to enjoy them than on a platter all together with perfectly paired accompaniments? From Oregon to the Netherlands, these are the cheeses that even cheesemongers go crazy for during the holiday season.

Current selections include Rogue River Blue (raw cow, Oregon), Pleasant Ridge Reserve (raw cow, Wisconsin), Winnimere (raw cow, Vermont), Moliterno al Tartufo (sheep with black truffle, Italy) and Brabander Reserve (goat, Netherlands). Pairings include pear jam, housemade rillettes, chestnut honey, dried cranberries, cocoa covered pecans, and more. The platter also comes with a box of bread and crackers. Selections are subject to seasonal availability.

Serves 10-15. 

The Greene Grape

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