All American Cheese Box 2021

Memorial Day is a pretty distinctly American holiday, so we think it’s best celebrated with distinctly American food. In Head Cheesemonger Emilia D’Albero’s opinion, that food should be cheese, or at least predominantly so. That’s why she’s excited to bring back the All-American Cheese Box!

Of course, Memorial Day isn’t the only reason to celebrate domestic American cheeses. May also happens to be American Cheese Month, a grassroots celebration of all the incredible cheeses that the country has to offer, as well as the farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, and cheesemongers who help bring them to you. As a grocery store that strives to feature all that’s local, high quality, and ethically sourced or made, championing domestic cheeses just makes sense.

The All-American Cheese Box is more than your everyday cheese selection. In fact, it’s more like a picnic in a box, with five American artisan cheeses expertly paired with locally made jam and other tasty accoutrements. And because this is a box that’s all about highlighting small cheesemakers, that means not all boxes are the same! Will you get a funky beer-washed Afterglow from the brand new Blakesville Creamery (WI), or a decadent triple-creme St. Stephen from our NY neighbors at Four Fat Fowl Creamery? How about the staff favorite crystalline-caramel Dairyere (what a name!) from Cato Corner Farm (CT), or the iconic Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from the Cellars at Jasper Hill (VT)? The possibilities are endless and satisfaction is guaranteed! Most of our selections are delightfully seasonal as well, bringing bright, floral, and fresh spring flavors right to your kitchen table.

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