What's Your Pour-oscope? May

Gemini: The Season of Duality

May 20th marks the transition from the stubborn, yet grounded Taurus, to the chatty, expressive season of Gemini. Represented as twins, intellect and a free- spirited, socially inclined joie-de-vivre energy rules Gemini. However, above all else, Gemini is ruled by duality. It’s not unusual to feel more upbeat, with a desire to engage with the world during Gemini season, along with a sense of restlessness, anxiety, even full-on chaos! This year, Gemini season brings with it Mercury in retrograde, a lunar eclipse, and a solar eclipse, so get ready for everything you thought you knew to be challenged. Our best advice? Roll with the punches, embrace the energy that Gemini brings, and use the planetary shifts to examine what in your life needs reshuffling. Good thing we’ve got wine for that.

What's Your Pour-oscope? Gemini Season

Aries: Schlossmuhlenhoff “Das Ist Schon” 2020

Mercury will be going into retrograde May 29th to June 22nd and it’s a bit of a doozy, Aries. Since Mercury rules Gemini, expect unfinished business to come back around, be it a project, relationship or job. If that wasn’t enough, Venus is also inspiring rebellion. You’re rebellious by nature, and the energy in the air will definitely fuel your fire. However, we all know that fanning flames is the quickest way to lose control, so fan carefully. That said, this will be a fun month for you. You're more than ready to embrace new experiences and make tons of new connections with the people around you. You need a wine that's bursting with creativity and the perfect partner for the planetary pull to hang out with, well, everyone.  “Das Ist Schon” 2020, a skin-contact blend of Scheurebe and Muller-Thurgau from the Rheinhessen in Germany. The name comes from a slang expression that translates roughly to “that’s nice.” Truer words have never been spoken. Notes of citrus, stone fruit, pears and white flowers are lifted by vibrant, refreshing acidity and a hint of structure. It’s a lovely addition to park hangs, stoop soirées, fish, seafood, and more. Vegan.

Taurus: Reva Dolcetto d’Alba 2020

As the planets sweep into the swirling expressiveness of Gemini, you will naturally seek a way to ground yourself, Taurus, whether it’s with creature comforts at home or the luxury you love so well. Be careful not to get too carried away and remember you’re happiest when all your ducks are in a row. This is a great time for you to embrace your natural negotiation skills as it’s the perfect harmony of responsibility and engagement. Finances will be on your mind, but remember that Mercury is in retrograde, so think carefully about asking for that raise or negotiating any contracts. Communication is key during Gemini season, so put those skills to work for you and try to have a little fun if you can manage it. This month, you need a wine that’s grounded in classic tradition, but is also not afraid to shake things up. Reva Dolcetto d’Alba 2020 is just what the stars have ordered. Hailing from northern Italy, this organic red is a great crowd pleaser that works with almost any food. In fact, Dolcetto is often called a “workhorse grape” because of it’s versatility, and if that’s not tailor-made for Taurus, then what is! Medium bodied without feeling heavy, the wine offers notes of black and red cherry, purple, pink, and red flowers, with a hint of almond, pepper, and spice. This is the perfect glass to share over conversations, on the stoop with friends or to treat yourself for a job well done.

Gemini: MIB Pinot Noir Rosé 2019

The solar spotlight is beaming on you all month long, Gemini! Expect boosted confidence levels and a peculiar sense that all you set out to do cannot fail. Chatty Mercury and romantic Venus are also in your corner during this transition so you’ll find yourself naturally thriving in the center of most everything, even during this murky retrograde. As there's nothing you love more than the thrill of the chase, take an active role in pursuing all your romantic desires because the stars are on your side. Just be sure to look past the glitter and glamour to stay true to what actually makes your life better. Remember, the world is not happening to you, but with you. You should be drinking something fun and flirty, but with enough substance to keep you grounded and engaged. MIB Pinot Noir Rosé 2019 is definitely the drink for you. Sustainably farmed from some of the best terroir is Hautes-Cotes de Beaune, Burgundy, this rosé is salmon pink in the glass, and easy and impressive on the palate, with notes of cherry, rhubarb, and sweet herbs. Approachable, fun, yet seriously well-crafted, this rosé is perfect for bringing to parties or for charming the pants off of a cute date.

Cancer: Petroni Corse 2018

With Mercury retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd, a lunar eclipse on May 26th and a solar eclipse June 10th your natural sensitivity to cosmic shifts will be in overdrive. However, not all change is bad, Cancer. Your razor-sharp intuition will lead you through the planetary noise to the opportunities that will benefit you. While most folks around you are being revved up by gabby Gemini, you may find yourself turning inward, choosing to spend time in conversation with yourself and your past. This can leave you feeling a bit muddled, as you are more prone than other signs to feel the confusion aspect of Gemini season. Everyone else’s drive to talk and talk and talk about everyone and everything can act as interference for the instinct you so carefully use as a guide. Look for support from your ride-or-dies, the people in your circle you cherish above all else, and make time for self care. You need a wine that is as careful as you are and as charming as you are (even when you don’t feel it). Domaine Petroni Corse 2018 is a blend of Nielluciu, a local clone of Sangiovese, Syrah and Grenache from Corsica, where an array of cultural influences come together to make something unique, yet grounded and 100% sure of what it is. Flavors of sun-ripened plums, strawberries, crushed violets, black pepper and anise flowers, and freshly tilled earth tease the nose and palate. The wine is soft, but has enough grip work with a host of foods. Beautifully balanced, it’s perfect for you this month!

Leo: Casa de Saima Baga Bruto 2016

Leo, much like Aries, you are totally swept up in the energy of Gemini. You love the flirtatious leanings of Gemini, especially with Venus contributing an alluring glow. Yet beware, while Gemini lights up the friendship sector of your chart, if you don’t back that outgoing drive with gatherings of substance, you could end feeling burned out and craving genuine connection. Think about ways you might want to get involved in your community or plan some extra special activities for you and your friends. You need a wine that is as fun-loving and built for celebrations. Biodynamic and perfectly balanced (hello, Gemini season!), Casa de Saima Baga Bruto 2016 is a bubbly from Portugal’s Bairrada region.
Made from 100% Baga, the wine opens with aromas of strawberry, almond and butter cookies, that explode into tart red fruit and red apples, finishing long and refreshing. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, the wine is beautifully hazy pinkish gold in the glass -- the perfect partner for warm sunsets, just add some good friends and a little adventure and you’re bound to have an amazing time.

Virgo: Scielo Sauvignon Blanc 2019

For you dear Virgo, Gemini is shining a spotlight on your career and drive. Be sure to bring your A-game to the workplace and really showcase your talents, of which you most likely have many. Your natural gift for quick thinking and creative problem solving will be in full form thanks to Gemini’s influence, so don’t shy away from being a bit of a show off, but remember to double-check all of your work before turning it in--Mercury is in retrograde, after all. You are a perfectionist and your insistence that you know the best way to do, well, everything can get in your way sometimes. This month, try to accept change in small doses, so you don’t feel like you're losing control entirely. You need a hardworking wine, dedicated to precision and craft, but that’s also not afraid to have a little fun. Scielo Sauvignon Blanc 2019, is an exquisite answer to this conundrum. Think you don’t like NY wine? Think again. Pale yellow with flecks of light green, this Sauvignon Blanc opens with lush florals and notes of citrus, pear, and melon. Try it alongside shellfish, grilled vegetables, or as a summery aperitif. Winemaking in the Rivero-Gonzalez stretches back more than 30 years, to their first plantings in Parras de la fuente, Coahuila, Mexico. In 2018, they acquired Martha Clara vineyards, becoming one of the first Latin owned and operated wineries in New York State. Certified sustainable.

Libra: “Il Mostro” Ragana Pet Nat 2020

With the sun in a fellow air sign, you’re feeling the curious side of Gemini like never before. You’re hungry for knowledge and experience and you won’t stop until that itch is scratched. Whether that means starting a new job, telling your crush how you feel, signing up for a new class or planning a trip, you’re ready to expand your horizons in a big way. Don’t be put off by a few growing pains, Libra, Mercury is just trying to get in the way. Growth is a messy process, however, Gemini enhances your natural strengths while turning down your insecurities. Get out there and shine! This month, you need a wine that speaks to new beginnings. “Il Mostro” Ragana Pet Nat 2020 is an organic sparkler from Terre di Chieti, Italy. Lightly sparkling and exuding freshness, this bubbly is a blend of Pecorino and Chardonnay, and opens with notes of lemon zest, fresh grapefruit blossom and green apples, and is backed by a enticing minerality. The name “Il Mostro” actually means “The Monster'', Ragana being a mythical Latvian being, a powerful prophetess who predicts the future. You might not be able to predict the future but let “Il Mostro” guide you forth with unwavering certainty as you go boldly forward!

Scorpio: Julius Treis Dornfelder 2016

Scorpio, you’re famous for your ability to go deep and the heavy cosmic vibes of this particular Gemini season will bristle with intensity, especially as they relate to your relationships. This can be a challenging transition for you, so be extra careful to take the time to think through those heavy feelings before unloading them onto loved ones. While you might feel like this is diluting your feelings just to appease others, the real problem is putting your darkest, deepest fears and desires into words is scary for you. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, sharing knowledge and learning new things. You can’t ever expect to have your needs met if you can’t articulate them, so use Gemini’s influence to help you over the hurdle. Julius Treis Dornfelder 2016 is a sustainably produced red wine from the Mosel region of Germany. Ruby red in the glass, the wine is medium-full on the palate, with velvety tannins, forest soil, and aromas of black cherry and elderberry. The perfect glass to share over intimate conversations, this red is formidable without being intrusive. Flavorful enough to add substance but light enough on its feet to keep the conversation and good times flowing.

Sagittarius: Indigena Rosat 2020

Freedom-loving Sagittarius, you’ll likely feel pressure to cut and run instead of facing the friction in your relationships this month. Love and relationships are bound to be on your mind as the season primes you to open up new channels of communication with your love interests and closest friends. Try your hardest not to shy away from these impulses, a few boundaries and a little clarification won’t tie you down but instead make those relationships stronger and healthier. Often labeled as the easy-going fire sign, don’t be afraid to bring the fiery passion you naturally possess into your conversations. You will be surprised by how well you are received. The stunning Pares Balta Indigena Rosat 2020 is just the wine to get you in the mood for opening up. Made from organically and biodynamically farmed Grenache, this rosé overdelivers with combined freshness and complexity. Strawberries and citrus greet the nose, while fleshy raspberry and melon extend through the generous palate. Approachable and downright delicious, this is just the wine to get everyone talking be it over a fine dinner or a casual park hang.

Capricorn: Camarda Vino Bianco 2019

You’re right at home in Gemini season. The extra burst of creative energy and drive helps you multitask like no other. While you’re usually defined by your need for structure and planning, make the chaos and spontaneity work for you by finding the joy in mixing things up. You are particularly suited for starting healthy new habits during this time, you’ll find it effortless and rewarding to start running, join that book club or sign up for that rock climbing class you’ve always wanted to try. As with every sign this season, beware of duality, while you have endless potential and energy abounds if you over commit yourself you’ll lack follow through and end up feeling down on yourself. Give yourself the space to try new things without consequence, not every new endeavour needs to be a lifelong calling, just keep the things that give you joy and let the rest go. You need a new wine that feels like an old favorite. Camarda Vino Bianco 2019, a blend of Carricante, Minella and Cataratto, was born in the volcanic soils of Mt. Etna. A crisp, fruity, and smoky straw-colored blend this wine is a testament to the young women who craft it and their attention to detail--just like you Capricorn! Loaded with bright fruit, balanced acidity, and a flinty minerality it’s the a great refresher after a long, hot day of creativity and adventure.

Aquarius: Alpamanta “Breva” Pet Nat

Aquarius, This season is all about being fun, creative and flirty for you. Your own feelings tend to be a mystery even to you but during Gemini season they are clear and precise. Let Gemini season help get everyone else on your level for once. Harness that clarity and let it drive all the projects you take on both personally and professionally. You need a wine that's full of potential and speaks to the heart. In the language of indigenous people in Mendoza, “Alpamanta” means “Love for the Earth" making it just the bubbly you need to nourish your heart and your head. This 100% Criolla Pet Nat is an homage to the natural beauty and vitality of Argentina, perfect for inspiring you and reminding you that the world is vast and lovely. The nose is intense and welcoming with flourishes of fresh red fruits which develop into well-defined notes of raspberry, blackberry, bing cherry, and plum with a delightful effervescence and a refreshing finish.

Pisces: Ameztoi Txakolina 2020

While the energy around you screams for outward social engagement, you might find yourself investing a lot more time and energy into your home and home life. Like Cancer, you are very naturally attune to cosmic energies and superficial relationships, the bubbling social explosion that is Gemini season might get you feeling a little guarded. Bring people into the beautiful world you’ve created at home instead of forcing yourself to be out and about where the energy could be all too overwhelming and insincere for your liking. Movie nights, home cooked meals with friends and general house improvements will help you stay true to yourself while still giving all that social energy somewhere to go. Ameztoi Txakolina 2020 hails from the Basque region of Spain where they are famous for their light, fizzy, low-alcohol wines. Don’t let the Ameztoi fool you, it’s no one trick pony. This Txakolina demonstrates unique character and depth leaving everyone who tries it feeling lighter and sunnier. Fizzy and refreshing with a briny, almost salty profile, abundant minerality and subtle citrus fruits this is the perfect wine for sipping on while doing a host of fun activities.