Beef To School: Easy School Night Meals

Back to school has a few different meanings this year. Whether cautiously returning to in-person education, picking up the reins on distance learning once more, or trying a blend of both, there’s no doubt days will be busier. A busier day means less time to wait for sourdough starters, or anything else requiring too much time in the kitchen. And while our local restaurants could always use more business these days by way of takeout and delivery, that can add up quick! Our Head Butcher, Lena Diaz, has a favorite for whipping up easy and nutritious meals everyone will love. It’s boeuf cuit!

Boeuf cuit is beef shank, braised over 8 hours in-house until it’s supple and tender and ready to be finished in your skillet. And because it’s so easy, it’s also incredibly versatile! Lena first got the idea to bring boeuf cuit to the Provisions butcher counter in France, when she noticed it sold everywhere, being sold to busy parents making a quick but still traditional ragú for their children. That’s a perfectly fine application of boeuf cuit, but what if you’re tired of pasta? Lena suggests it these three speedy ways: 

Goulash Style

Shred your boeuf cuit into a jarful of Zia Hatch Chile Sauce, letting the sweet and mild spice of the sauce flavor the beef; it only needs to simmer as long as it takes to cook rice, or any other grain or carbohydrate you’re feeling up to making. Lena likes riced cauliflower or mashed potatoes as options over which to spoon this beefy mixture. 

Tacos De Res

For these, shred your beef into a hot skillet and get it nicely caramelized, even a little crispy, then drop in some of this Xilli Salsa Macha for a fierce hit of smoky spice. (Don’t worry, you can always put more in your taco at the end!) The perfect corn tortilla *does* exist, and it’s these from Vista Hermosa, though we won’t blame you if you want to opt for the larger flour version and make burritos instead. Our house made pico de gallo and guacamole are just the right companions for these. 

Ropa Vieja

Boeuf cuit makes an easy shortcut for ropa vieja, too! Instead of hours cooking beef slowly, you can heat up boeuf cuit quickly with onions and garlic, then douse it in this Tomato Sofrito from Matiz. Make sure your beans and rice are at the ready! 

No time or energy for cooking at all? Our kitchen has got your back! Our Greene Bowl, little sibling to our classic Greene Plate Special, puts a flavorful meal in reach for everyone in the family. Great hot or cold, they’re each made with the kind of high quality ingredients you’ve come to expect from us. With new bowls being made all the time, you’ll never be bored, whether you’re in the mood for a hearty helping of macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, or a refreshing combination of grilled shrimp with black beans and cilantro rice alongside salsa verde. These bowls go fast, but luckily, our talented kitchen makes them just as quickly, so grab yours today!