Fill That Grill!: Labor Day Grill Guide

What’s become readily apparent these past few months is that New York adapts. We’ve always known, of course, but for every tradition or event that became impossible, we found a new way to get things done, from socially distanced rooftop visits to Zoom blowout bashes. This Labor Day, we’ll be saying so long to summer with the same grilling gusto as ever. 

Our butchers have the biggest selection for your grill ever! All our burger patties are back in the case, and we’ve added an all-new sirloin burger to the roster. If you like your patties on the beefier side, or have sliders on the menu, we’ve got one more new surprise—burger blend packs from Slope Farms, the upstate New York farm where all our beef comes from. This hearty blend easily forms into patties that won’t crumble under your spatula. 

Of course, you’ve got to have dogs on the grill, too! You might have noticed our house made all-beef hot dogs at the butcher counter, made with the same Slope Farms beef you love. We poach our dogs before setting them out for sale, which means all you have to do is crisp them up on the grill before popping them into our favorite hot dog buns from Orwashers

We’ve done the same for our other latest in-house offering: Chicken sausages! We’ve heard your requests over time and have finally been able to make these, combined with ramps for great garlicky flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. The poached sausages won’t take more than a few minutes to cook up at home, whether on the grill, the stovetop, or even just ten minutes in the oven. 

A barbecue might seem like a real meaty affair, but vegans are invited, too, with our newest addition to the freezer: Yeah Dawg! These vegan dogs are made with wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes, beets, and sunflower seeds, inspired by founder Marina Benedetto’s experience making nourishing, whole-ingredient meals as a chef at a homeless youth shelter. With plenty of herbs and spices in the mix, it won’t just be vegan members of your bubble asking for a tasty bite of these! 

For more ideas on how to make your Labor Day pop, check our our Great For Grilling guide