Bubbles & Burgers: Get Lifted

Burgers are often thought of as exclusively beer territory when it comes to pairing your favorite adult beverage. It makes sense. You associate burgers with pubs, chill backyard hangs, grilling in the hot summer heat, and don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of great burger beers out there. But have you thought about a nice glass of bubbly to go with that turkey burger, fish burger, or Short Rib Burger (or Royale with Cheese, if you please)? We’re showing off a few of our bubbly and burger pairings just in time for Memorial Day. Beer drinkers be warned: After this lineup, you may be trading in your steins for stemware.


A Little Something Sweet:
Emilio "Nessun Dorma" Lambrusco

Lambrusco is a great partner for burgers. Sort of playing on the classic pairing of burgers and soda, a nice rich Lambrusco has the body and texture to stand up to the personality of a burger with just a little hint of sweetness mirroring the traditional ice cold cola. This Lambrusco hails from Emilia-Romagna Italy. It’s impressive, polished , and inspired by the aria from Puccini’s "Turandot" and a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti, talk about class! Filled with notes of black cherry, plum, softly turned earth, tobacco and nutmeg. Fresh and fruity, this is a bubbly with structure and style that can accompany a fast food favorite or an artisanal masterpiece all the same.

Beyond Champagne and Beyond Burgers:
Richard Cremant du Jura NV

The delicate yet complex layers of this stunning Cremant combined with its moussey texture work so beautifully with the succulent texture of lightly cooked meat it’s criminal not to try. Especially if you like your burgers juicy this is the wine for you. Did we mention this is particularly apt for Beyond Burgers and Veggie Burgers? An excellent value alternative to pricier blanc des blancs from Champagne this one is really a no-brainer. With enticing, slightly oxidative aromas of pear, citrus and toasted hazelnut and focused flavors of honeyed quince, golden apples and chalky minerality.

The Taste Of Summer:
Stuyvesant Champagne Brut Rosé

Burgers and rosé are equally synonymous with summer, so why not put ‘em together? Lushness is the name of the game and this lovely Brut Rosé is lush for days. Marvina Robinsona, after working in finance for some years, launched the critically acclaimed Stuyvesant Champagne, becoming one of the few African American women to do so. She also happens to be a BK native so raise a glass to Marvina while you’re chowing down at your favorite local burger joint.Salmon-colored, dry, and crisp, this bubbly is made from about 58% Pinot Noir, 22% Pinot Meunier and 20% Chardonnay. Hints of cherry blossom and raspberry on the nose give way to fleshy red currant and cherries on the palate, with a long and refreshing finish, literally divine.

All Burgers Welcome:
Negro Lorenzo Roero Arneis Metodo Classico 2012

From the loamy sand soil of Monteu Roero, Italy this bubbly definitely benefits from the maritime climate which imparts impressive minerality. Made from 100% Arneis this is a pretty classic wine, with fruity and citrus heavy nose and clean, mineral forward palate this bubbly can really go anywhere you need it to. The texture is super smooth and the lively acidity means it can hold up to heftier dishes. There’s also a decent amount of spice present so this is one of the more versatile wines on the list. From burgers slathered in sauces to the simple onion, lettuce and tomato, this sparkler is truly the universal burger choice.

Cheese If You Please:
Il Mostro Ragana Pet-Nat 2020

If your burger is just a vessel for cheese this is the wine for you. We’re not talking just Kraft singles here. If Gruyere, Brie, Goat Cheese or Smoked Gouda are your idea of a good time then this Italian Pet Nat is the perfect partner in crime. A joint venture between Montalcino superstar Riccardo Campinoti of Le Ragnaie and Ronnie Sanders of Vine Street Imports, Poggio Anima takes a simple idea and turns it into something quite special. This Pecorino-Chardonnay blend opens with notes of lemon zest, fresh grapefruit blossom and green apples.